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I know what you're thinking. You are wondering if Officer is my surname or it it's an occupational title. As unusual as it may sound, Officer is indeed my surname and not a title. However, if I had chosen a profession in law enforcement my surname would have been my title making me Officer Officer. Or if I had pursued a career as a commercial airline pilot, before becoming a captain, I would have been known as First Officer Officer. Naturally a career in the armed forces may have been a fitting choice as well with Chief Warrant Officer Officer, or Petty Officer Officer being a couple of possibilities. And sometimes I wonder what life would have been like if my parents had been a little more daring when choosing a name for me. Something like first name Chief, middle name Executive. My father actually wanted to name me Levi Strauss, but that's another story. Since photography has become my chosen profession it simply makes me Levi Officer, and that suits me just fine.

   My love for photography began fittingly enough with a love interest. She was interested in photography, I was interested in her, so by extension I became interested in photography. While that romance didn't endure my interest in photography has, and since then it has continued to grow from a hobby into a passion. I've discovered that being passionate about taking pictures is an absolute necessity when it comes to being a landscape photographer. Because, let's face it, nothing short of passion could coax me from a warm bed into the cold at four in the morning to capture a shot at sunrise. Or to trudge five miles in the dark through rough terrain overflowing with cacti after catching the play of light on a remote landscape from the setting sun. But these sacrifices all become more than worth it when you have the payoff of capturing a beautiful image. More than anything I enjoy being a witness to the wonders of the natural world and being able to share this beauty with you. Thanks for stopping by to my photography page and I hope you enjoy viewing my images as much as I've enjoyed creating them.

Hello... I'm Levi Officer

A photographer from Moab, Utah

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